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What are some features I should look for in a serious outdoors backpack?

Backpacks For The Outdoors

Backpacks for school, for the subway, for skateboarding, for laptops -- what next? Perhaps it's a revolution in the way backpacks originally came into public view -- as survival gear for hunters, campers and others whose paths took them into the outdoors.

Today's outdoor backpacks include highly evolved features to safeguard the spine, including side compression, optional padded hip belts and independently adjustable shoulder straps with extra padding.
For the serious camper, backpacks can include places to carry ice axes and trekking poles, water-resistant map cases, and rain covers.

What are some of the different kinds of backpacks?

Types of Backpacks

The backpack has become such a universal item of personal luggage that there's sure to be a backpack to match your style.

Leather is cool and luxurious, not to mention expensive. You don't want to get it wet. The polar extreme to leather is a waterproof backpack. The waterproof backpack is great, made of durable polyester or nylon. It's great for traveling, and not just to the rain forest.

Good women's packs are made to fit women's bodies, and may incorporate smaller sizes and more curving lines than the largest outdoors models. They're even available in small backpacks suitable for carrying as evening bags!

Sling backpacks are as casual as they sound and should be for those more interested in using those as a personal item to accompany the carry-on luggage. The "teardrop" shape is believed to be particularly back-friendly.

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