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What are some useful features in a garment bag?

Great Garment Bag Features

If your budget is tight and you're not concerned about appearances or durability, simple vinyl garment bags may offer everything you need.

If you're ready to step it up a notch, look for some of these features in the travel garment bags you consider:

  • Heavy-duty zippers (usually the first thing to fail on a garment bag)
  • Hook for securing hangers, so your clothes don't drop to the bottom of the bag in a wad
  • Removable pockets (great for storing ties or scarves)
  • Heavy-duty wheels for durability
  • Contoured handle for easy walking
  • Foam bolsters to prevent wrinkling
  • Convenient pocket for tickets and other in-flight necessities

What should I use to transport wedding and bridesmaid dresses?

Special Occasion Garment Bags

At last you've found the perfect wedding dress -- the one that magically subtracts 10 pounds and five years, harmonizes with your personal style and shows enough cleavage to look attractive without making you look like you took a night off from pole dancing to get married.

Only problem is, the wedding is in St. Louis and you -- and the Perfect Dress -- are in New York.

A dress garment bag, sometimes called a "gown bag," is the solution to protecting your lovely white creation until the big day. If you're going to travel with your gown, you need something sturdier than the lightweight cover your bridal shop may have sold you for $10 (or even thrown in for free).

Look for a bag that's extra strong across the top (so it won't be damaged by hangers) and is long enough for your dress. Unless you have a muscular, athletic groom who likes carrying your luggage, consider getting a garment bag with wheels so you'll be better able to pilot your dress to its destination.

What kind of garment bag will work best for business trips?

Garment Bags for Business

Whether you are a business student traveling around the country for interviews or a seasoned professional starting a consulting career, a quality garment bag is a must if you want to take good care of your suits. Save yourself some stress by shopping for rolling garment bags -- and save your shoulder muscles for those firm, steady handshakes.

Pay attention to the visual style of the company and industry you represent. Leather garment bags may be just the thing for investment consultants, but Web designers may prefer nylon garment bags in up-to-the-minute colors.

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