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What are packing cubes?

Travel Accessories

Packing cubes are the new answer to your mother's admonition to pack neatly. These super-lightweight bags-within-a-bag come in sets of three or four in different sizes. The beauty of packing cubes is that they can fit a variety of items and help keep your luggage neat and organized. You will also find it easy to find your belongings when you unpack. Pack your jewelry in a jewelry roll, take your shoes in shoe bags, bring your own laundry bag to separate the items from your clean clothes, and you will be all set when you go and when you return.

What are some tips for protecting my valuables while traveling?

Loss Prevention

If you are concerned about losing important documents or cash while traveling, consider a concealed pouch belt. This is different from the traditional "money belt" in that you wear it under your clothes, so that no one needs to know you have it on at all. These luggage accessories are usually made of thin, breathable fabrics like nylon or cotton.

Another option is a neck security wallet which can be tucked beneath a shirt. These are more convenient than the waist packs if you occasionally need to gain access to the contents while out on the road.

Finally, there are services such as StuffBak and LoJack for Laptops that promise to increase the chances of your being reconnected with your electronic goods if they are stolen.

Should I bother with luggage locks?

Luggage Locks

If it's been a few years since you used your luggage locks, be aware that you need to get new ones. The Transportation Security Agency has the right to open any bag, and there are special TSA-approved locks that can be opened by authorized agents. If your bag has a non-TSA approved lock, agents are allowed to cut the lock off. If you buy new luggage with locks, they will be TSA-approved, or you can purchase combination locks independently to put on your existing bags.

If you'd rather avoid the lock issue, airport shrink-wrapping services and luggage seals may also be helpful in preventing theft and tampering.

Should I buy extra luggage straps?

Luggage Straps

Most shoulder bags come with a strap, but if yours breaks, gets lost or just plain feels uncomfortable, a replacement strap can do a lot to help you shoulder the burdens of travel. Look for padding, of course, and contoured (curved) shoulder segments, which help prevent straps from slipping off your shoulders.

Another useful kind of luggage strap helps you hold two or more cases together for stability while dashing through an airport or train terminal. For instance, clipping your laptop case to your rolling suitcase. Be sure your straps fit the bags you already have.

What luggage tags are available to buy?

Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are a necessity, even on bags you keep with you. It's all too easy to become separated from your bag, especially in crowded situations, and you want to make it as easy as possible for whoever finds it to get it back to you.

Try leather luggage tags for a professional look, or bright, colorful tags to differentiate your black bag from the hundreds of others on the baggage carousel.

A useful security feature is a privacy flap which prevents casual observers from gathering information about you from your tag.

Don't forget to put another copy of your contact information inside the bag in case the tag is lost or destroyed. Never, ever leave your baggage unattended!

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