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How many pieces do I need to buy?

How Many Pieces?

If you usually travel alone, you may not want more than two or three pieces of luggage. After all, why buy more than you can carry? A 3-piece luggage set -- typically a larger suitcase, a smaller suitcase and a carry-on -- is often enough for business travel and short vacations.

One exception is when you are traveling with someone else, such as a spouse or child, and can share (and carry!) a 6-piece luggage set between you. Of course, if you're able to attract an entourage to carry your bags, the sky is the limit!

What are some of the more affordable designer luggage sets?

Designer Luggage Sets

There's a classic movie scene where the glamorous diva or heiress arrives at a hotel with a stack of beautiful luggage, all perfectly matched. Well, you may not be a movie star, but you can have a little of that glamor for yourself with a matched set of designer luggage.

For a fun yet sophisticated look, try a Diane von Furstenberg luggage set with pink faux-lizard trim. Liz Claiborne's "Gracie" set is black trimmed with racy red. Oleg Cassini's "Charleston" luggage set includes subtle styling and deep, rich colors, while Pierre Cardin caters to style-conscious travelers of both sexes with attractive European looks.

Why buy a set of luggage?

Luggage Sets

Why buy luggage sets instead of individual bags? The answer goes further than just wanting everything to match. Luggage sold in sets is frequently much cheaper than buying the bags separately, and having a variety of luggage available makes it possible to share a set with your kids or spouse, or simply meet different travel needs as they come up.

What is special about Samsonite luggage sets

Samsonite Luggage Sets

Samsonite's luggage sets are sturdy and professional-looking, suitable for a wide range of travel needs. Many buyers say they would buy this brand again, and the sets can be supplemented by Samsonite's Spinner bags or business cases in a variety of harmonizing colors.

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