Luggage Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for airline luggage?

What is the latest on security and how does it affect my luggage?

I'm traveling on more than one airline. Whose rules apply?

How can I boost my chances of being reunited with my luggage?

Should I wrap my gifts before I travel?

Do the rules change all the time?

What is the difference between carry-on luggage and personal items?

Do I want a hard-side or soft-side bag--is one better than the other?

What kind of carry-on should I carry on?

Can carry-on luggage be stylish AND sturdy?

What should I include and exclude in my carry-on?

What do I need to do with my carry-on once on board the plane?

Who can carry a backpack today?

What are the benefits of a rolling backpack?

Are discount backpacks cheap?

What are some of the different kinds of backpacks?

What are some specialty backpacks that are available?

What are some features I should look for in a serious outdoors backpack?

What should I pack in a carry-on backpack?

Is it possible to get quality luggage at a discount?

Is it safe to shop for luggage online?

What should I expect to pay for a matched set of luggage?

What is special about Atlantic Luggage?

Should I spend the money on Hartmann?

Which International Traveller should I buy?

What's fashionable about American Tourister?

What is special about Briggs & Riley

Why Swiss Army Luggage?

Should I buy a designer luggage set?

Is all-American the way to go?

Can I find discount designer luggage?

Where do I start when buying a garment bag?

What kind of garment bag will work best for business trips?

What should I use to transport wedding and bridesmaid dresses?

What's a good choice for a carry-on garment bag?

What are some useful features in a garment bag?

What is a popular Samsonite hard-sided model?

Why should I consider hard-sided luggage?

What is the best hard-sided luggage I can buy?

Why would I want a hard-sided carry-on bag?

What are some premium hard-sided luggage brands?

What are some features of a good hard-sided beauty case?

What materials are used in hard-sided luggage?

What should I know about kids luggage?

What does a children's luggage set include?

Why Dora the Explorer luggage?

What kind of luggage might be right for a preschooler?

What Disney bags are available for children?

What kinds of children's luggage is available?

How do I know if my laptop will fit in a certain bag?

What features should I look for in a laptop backpack?

What are some reasons to consider a laptop bag with wheels?

How can I haul around a laptop and still maintain a stylish look?

Can I use my laptop bag as an overnight bag?

What is a messenger bag?

What is a laptop sleeve?

What is a good brand of lightweight luggage?

What different products does Delsey offer?

Who can use a duffel bag?

What is a good brand of lightweight luggage for business?

What kind of rolling luggage will give me the best performance for the least weight?

How can lightweight luggage make travel easier?

What happens to unclaimed luggage? Why would people not pick up their valuables? What kinds of items do people lose? Believe it or not, people sometimes end up in a situation in which they do not claim their luggage. While that seems odd, it isn’t entirely unusual. Perhaps the traveler has taken a t

What should I do to avoid lost luggage?

Want to go to an unclaimed luggage sale?

What if my bag is delayed?

How many bags are lost a year?

Why Samsonite suitcases?

What kind of suitcase should I buy?

What should I look for in a professional suitcase?

What is an appropriate suitcase for a woman?

What kinds of suitcases do men prefer?

What are some fun styles of suitcases?

Can I restore an old piece of luggage?

Where did the suitcase come from?

What changes might we expect in the world of travel?

What do famous people carry in their luggage?

Can luggage kill you?

I love to travel, but packing is a bore. Can anyone help me?

What luggage tags are available to buy?

Should I buy extra luggage straps?

Should I bother with luggage locks?

What are some tips for protecting my valuables while traveling?

What are packing cubes?

Why should you buy an American Tourister luggage set?

What luggage set should I choose from International Traveller

What are the varying options from Victorinox Luggage?

What is special about Samsonite luggage sets

What are some of the more affordable designer luggage sets?

Why buy a set of luggage?

How many pieces do I need to buy?

What should I know about traveling with pets?

Why a Sherpa pet carrier?

If Paris has a Juicy pet carrier, why shouldn't I get one?

What is a dog carrier purse?

What is a hard-sided carrier like?

Soft-sided pet travel carriers--what details should I know?

How is Briggs & Riley Rolling Luggage for travelers?

What kinds of wheels can be found on luggage?

What is so special about Travelpro?

Why should I consider a rolling suitcase?

When should I consider a rolling duffel bag?

What are some uses for rolling totes?

What kind of handles are available on rolling luggage?

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