Airline Baggage Restrictions

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What are the rules for airline luggage?

Airline Baggage Restrictions

Before you fly, check the airline Web site or call to find out what the airline luggage allowance is for your flight. Don't assume you know what it is because you've flown with this airline before. Airline luggage weight limits are likely to change with little notice, and some airlines set different luggage rules for domestic and international flights.

Besides finding out the luggage weight limit for checked and carry-on bags, you'll need to find out the maximum luggage dimensions allowed.

While you may be permitted to check a bag that weighs 50 pounds, you cannot necessarily take a four-foot fishing rod without paying an extra "sporting equipment" charge.

While an airline baggage allowance may vary from company to company, many airport luggage rules are primarily guided by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).



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