Hard-side or Soft?

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Do I want a hard-side or soft-side bag--is one better than the other?

Hard-side or Soft?

eBags.com Tip: Carry-ons come in a variety of shapes, colors, compartments and quality. One decision is whether to get hard- or soft-sided carry on travel bags. Should your carry-on luggage be a hard-side bag that will survive getting knocked around as you race from one terminal to another? Or perhaps you simply like the neat and professional look of defined, hard-shell shape? Choose a material, ABS or aluminum, both are tough stuff.
Soft-sided bags offer the advantages of more flexible and lightweight carry-on luggage. The many options on the soft side include cotton, canvas, leather, microfiber, suede and nylon. If you get an expandable carry-on, be sure that in its largest state it will still meet the carry-on luggage limits.



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