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What are some specialty backpacks that are available?

New Backpack Features Tip: If you haven't shopped for backpacks in a while, you may be surprised at the variety of choices! Here are some of the features you may decide are essential in your new backpack:

  • Compartments for your iPod or other MP3 player, with controls to play your music set into the outside of the backpack.
  • Hydration backpacks for runners, bicyclists or other sports enthusiasts -- these just hold water and allow you to drink without removing the pack.
  • Two-in-one packs: a day pack that attaches to a larger pack for longer journeys, but can be detached for short excursions.
  • Suspension backpacks take some of the strain off your shoulders and shift it to your stronger back muscles. Great for carrying books or other heavy loads.
  • Skateboard backpacks come in kid-friendly colors with compartments for important teen items like MP3 players, CDs and oh yeah, books.



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