Hardside Luggage Materials

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What materials are used in hard-sided luggage?

Hardside Luggage Materials

It's all very well to know that a piece of luggage has hard sides, but what is that stuff, anyway? Here are some of the more popular materials for hard sided luggage:

  • ABS: A special kind of plastic which is molded into shape. It is highly pressure-resistant and can be made in many colors, in either smooth or textured finishes.
  • Aluminum: The material of choice for higher-end hard case luggage, it is rugged and lightweight, with a professional and upscale appearance.
  • Polyester: Wait, that's fabric, isn't it? Not necessarily. Polycarbonate ABS is made from, yes, the same stuff that's in your microfiber shirts, but is vacuum-molded or pressure-molded into a hard-sided luggage piece. The result is ultra-lightweight and inexpensive.
  • Polypropylene is a more traditional form of plastic case, and has been around for several decades. Durable and scuff-resistant, it is usually molded into "oyster" (two equal sides) shapes.



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