Get the Right Size

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How do I know if my laptop will fit in a certain bag?

Get the Right Size

More and more, travelers are making laptop computers part of their journeys. Of course, investing money in a laptop means you want to keep it safe from theft and damage. The first step is selecting a laptop carrying case that matches your computer.

This isn't as easy as it sounds. For instance, Apple's MacBook Pro model with a 17" screen is 15.5 inches wide, but a Gateway with the same size screen is more than 16 inches wide and needs a bigger bag. So you can't just shop for "17" laptop bags" and be sure of getting the right fit.

That doesn't mean you have to haul your laptop to a store and try all the laptop luggage. Instead, shop at online retailers that ask you to enter your specific type of computer and show you only results that match it.



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