Suitcases of the Stars

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What do famous people carry in their luggage?

Suitcases of the Stars

Famous people carry the same things in their suitcases as the rest of us -- a little money, a change of clothes, maybe some medication:

  • In 2004, Princess Martha Louise of Denmark and her husband, author Ari Behn, went on their honeymoon with a suitcase full of cash to avoid being tracked by tabloid reporters.
  • Hotel heiress Paris Hilton is known for traveling with a mountain of mismatched luggage. Some savvy luggage maker should create an 11-piece luggage set just for her.
  • For decades, celebrities have been busted with illegal drugs in their luggage, yet it still keeps happening. Most recently, singer Jimmy Buffett's luggage was found to contain more than 100 tabs of the club drug Ecstasy, while Sylvester Stallone was charged with importing illegal muscle-building steroids into Australia.



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