If You REALLY Hate Packing

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I love to travel, but packing is a bore. Can anyone help me?

If You REALLY Hate Packing

Let's say your karaoke dreams come true and you really do make it big as a pop star. All that jetting about from place to place must get pretty tiresome, right? And it's hard to get a good entourage these days -- pretty soon they all want their own reality shows.

A service called FlyLite caters to people who really hate packing and unpacking, or whose careers are too hectic to be bothered. For a $500 setup fee and $100 per trip, you get an empty suitcase, which you fill with a few travel outfits and personal care products. Then, when you travel, log onto their site and choose the items you want waiting for you. Your chosen garments will be at your hotel, dry cleaned and ready to go.



5/2/2009 9:38:27 PM
kitsdevera@sympatico.ca said:

I was wondering if u can tell me the weight restriction (#of baggege allowed/weight) on croatia airline fr rome to split croatia. I have looking at the website & cant locate it. pls email me at kitsdevera@sympatico.ca. thank you.


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