Pet Carrier Basics

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What should I know about traveling with pets?

Pet Carrier Basics

Pets are important to many travelers. If you plan to take a pet on an air journey, the first step is to find out the specific pet carrier guidelines for your airline and flight.

When you are buying online, available pet carriers will most likely fit the guidelines for flying, but just double-check because people use animal carriers for everyday use and transport by car, as well. Likewise, if you plan to take your pet in the same carrier you use to go to the vet, investigate whether this meets airline standards for size and comfort.

Always have a backup plan to board your pet or get a sitter during your journey. Airlines can cancel a pet reservation because of unhealthy temperatures, or because there are already too many pets on that flight.

Even if you're not leaving the U.S., there may be quarantine restrictions that apply to your pet, as there are in Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Talk with your vet about required vaccinations and health certificates.



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