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Can I find discount designer luggage?

Discount Designer Luggage

If your heart longs for designer luggage, but your wallet is pointing you toward the no-name brands, you may be tempted to shop for discount designer luggage sets on auction sites and classified ads.

Unfortunately, it's all too easy to post, say, an ad for a Tommy Hilfiger luggage set or a Louis Vuitton garment bag. The shopper who isn't careful may receive fake luggage of lower quality.

Use trusted online retailers to be sure of getting exactly what you order. Discount designer luggage is out there -- closeouts of last year's models, for example, or special sales.

Should I buy a designer luggage set?

Fashion First?

If style is important to you, it is reasonable to want Louis Vuitton luggage or to own something by Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade or Prada. Travelers seeking discount designer luggage may be able to find deals on closeouts. You won't be up-to-the-minute, but you will be equipped with bags that reflect your fashion smarts.

Authentic designer products are almost universally well-made and thoughtfully designed. Be aware of the dangers of buying trendy items -- those big polka dots look great this year, but unless you buy new luggage every year, they'll look dated sooner than you think.

Another idea for the style-minded, but wallet-conscious: Go for the designer bag, but buy only a tote bag or carry-on, then buy a more affordable luggage set in a complementary color to round out your travel gear.

Is all-American the way to go?

Tommy Hilfiger Luggage

A young company that has moved its way up the ladder to compete with well-known lines, Tommy Hilfiger's line is worth more than a browse. Flair and fashion dominate and who wouldn't want luggage created by a leading fashion designer? The Classics line features simple stripes adorning fresh, preppy pink or green.

A lot of travelers who own these fashionable bags find the totes and uprights affordable, functional and clean, even with a lot of travel. The expandable bags are perfect for the return trip when you have accumulated souvenirs!

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