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What kind of rolling luggage will give me the best performance for the least weight?

Lightweight Rolling Luggage

For maximum packing space and minimum weight, consider a "trolley" suitcase, with wheels incorporated right into the bottom of the bag. Delsey has a line of lightweight rolling luggage built on fiberglass graphite frames, the same material used in golf clubs and tennis rackets. It has the advantage of very light weight combined with a degree of flexibility that will help these bags stand up to rough conditions in the cargo hold.

How can lightweight luggage make travel easier?

Ultra Light Luggage

As airlines crack down on baggage to save fuel, weight restrictions are catching some travelers by surprise. Some have had to check too-heavy carry-on bags when the weight of their souvenirs put them over the limit.

Ultra-lightweight luggage lets you take more of the stuff that's important to you. Delsey's Helium line features a lightweight luggage set that weighs just 35 pounds total for all four pieces -- a full five pounds less than a similar set from a more traditional maker. That means five pounds more of T-shirts and statuettes for your nearest and dearest!

What is a good brand of lightweight luggage for business?

Samsonite Lightweight Luggage

Samsonite is one of the old reliable names among luggage makers, and the company has long since realized that many of its "road warrior" customers prize luggage that is sturdy without adding a lot of pounds to their load.

Samsonite lightweight luggage can be used by vacationers and families, but includes many features of special interest to business travelers, including the Samsonite Spinners -- four wheels on a bag instead of two, all able to turn in any direction for better maneuverability on uneven terrain. Other features may include laundry bags, shoe bags and suit storage.

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