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What kinds of children's luggage is available?

Children's Luggage

If you want to avoid cartoon characters, you can always purchase kids' luggage that is bright and colorful, with easy-to-use features.

A key point to remember is to make sure that the bag works well for the child. An inexpensive kid's bag may have zippers that stick or compartments that are hard to open, which can be frustrating if your fingers are little and absolutely need one special toy in the middle of a cross-country flight.

If possible, have the child explore the bag before you depart, getting used to the available places to put things and manipulating the zippers, clips and other fasteners. Many kids will spend days planning which things they want to put in which compartments.

What Disney bags are available for children?

Disney luggage

Today it's hard to raise kids without having them learn about the Disney characters. While some parents may object to the princess-ification of girls, the characters from such films as "Cars" and "The Incredibles" might appeal to either gender.

If you're looking for luggage for kids to take on a Disney trip, a better bet might be to invest in a single backpack of good quality for each child, so they can be handed down as the child reaches the age of being able to handle an adult-sized piece of luggage.

What should I know about kids luggage?

Kids' Luggage

When traveling with young children, the temptation is to get kids luggage that fits the size of the child. There are many fun sets available -- Disney luggage, Sesame Street luggage, Elmo luggage or (perhaps most appropriate of all) Dora the Explorer luggage.

Kids suitcases don't have to be just for kids, though. The same qualities that many adults look for in luggage -- light weight, maneuverability, distinctive colors -- can also make for an ideal children's suitcase.

Kids' rolling luggage is a great investment. A school-age child can maneuver his or her own suitcase through the airport, saving wear and tear on the parents and giving the child something to do on an otherwise boring part of the journey.

What kind of luggage might be right for a preschooler?

Sesame Street Luggage

An Elmo backpack is a big hit among the Sesame Street set. It's a great gift for a niece, nephew or grandchild. The rolling backpack measures about 10 by 13 inches, with one front pocket, two side pockets, and adjustable shoulder straps on the back.

Sesame Street luggage also includes a full-sized backpack with shapes and colors under the flaps. It includes a front zippered pocket and main compartment, back padded adjustable straps and top handle. Favorite characters featured on the backpack include Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch and Elmo.

Why Dora the Explorer luggage?

Dora the Explorer Luggage

Boys and girls alike love Dora the Explorer, and if this character is popular among your kids, a Dora luggage set can easily be used by a mix of sons and daughters.

The Dora the Explorer luggage includes rolling backpacks and a trolley case. The Dora the Explorer line of luggage is roomy enough, easy to clean and quite affordable, even if your child tires of it easily.

When your kids get too old for Dora, you can always donate the luggage. A wonderful thing to do for the holidays is to pack it with gifts and give it to a local charity for that child who is in and out of foster homes.

What does a children's luggage set include?

Kids' Luggage Sets

Accidents happen, which is why you should always make sure your children's luggage is equipped with identification tags on both the inside and outside. Children old enough to write can create their own kids' luggage tags, which can be part of the fun of anticipating a trip.

Skyway offers kids luggage sets that include a backpack with insulated lunch box, exterior pockets and padded straps. The rolling duffel has exterior pockets; the wheels are durable for the wear and tear kids can put on them; and the handle is easily manageable for a child. The luggage is water resistant and can be cleaned, as well.

The Skyway luggage set for children has a five-year warranty and is lightweight so that children can keep up the pace with you, without hardship.

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