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Why a Sherpa pet carrier?

Sherpa Pet Carriers

Looking for a stylish, functional, lightweight carrier? Try Sherpa pet carrier s and you might just find the right way to transport your cat or dog in a manner that's comfortable for both of you.

Sherpa pet carriers come in four sizes: mini (5 lbs, 12"l x 7"h), small (8 lbs, 13"l x 8"h), medium (16 lbs, 16"l x 10"h), large (22 lbs, 18"l x 11"h). Benefits include mesh panels on three sides for ventilation, an expandable accessory pocket, fits comfortably under cabin seat (required if you are traveling with the pet in the cabin), an adjustable shoulder strap, a washable faux lambskin liner and top and side entry.

Your pet carrier needs to last for many trips, so read all the instructions for cleaning.

Soft-sided pet travel carriers--what details should I know?

Airline-Approved Pet Carriers

Airline-approved soft-sided pet carriers are water-resistant and well-padded on at least two sides. The padding will most likely be nylon and should have mesh ventilation.

If you plan to keep your pet carry-on with you in the cabin, it needs to fit under the seat in front of you. Check the airline's website or call to be sure. If your pet will be traveling in the cargo hold, try not to schedule your trip in very hot or very cold temperatures.

What is a hard-sided carrier like?

Hard or Soft Sides?

Hard-sided dog and cat carriers are built to be leak-proof and escape-proof. Check the door to the pet travel carrier to be sure it closes properly. Most airline approved pet carriers will have releasable cable ties, which should be attached to all four corners of the kennel door.

Above all else, you want the cat or dog to have the ability to stand in place, as well as turn around and have enough ventilation.

Soft-sided carriers are more flexible, but generally not suited for larger pets. Again, be sure your dog or cat has enough room to stand up and turn around inside.

What is a dog carrier purse?

Dog Carrier Purses

Dog carrier purses are perfect for fashionable travel, whether out on the town or meeting fellow dog owners for pet playdates. They're generally not suitable for dogs who weigh more than 10 to 12 pounds, so if it turns out the puppy is part pit bull, stick with leashes.

Smaller "teacup" dogs will fit into a bag that does double duty as a pet carrier and a purse. Stow your accessories—cell phone, cosmetics, dog treats -- in inside and outside pockets.

Make sure your dog carrier purse has that cute "peek" option so that you can share your day with your dog -- and your dog with your friends!

If Paris has a Juicy pet carrier, why shouldn't I get one?

Juicy Pet Carriers

You may not be able to travel like Paris Hilton, but perhaps your pet can travel like hers! The Juicy pet carrier is about as pricey as a fine handbag, but of course, you can say it is couture. It is a soft velvet pet carrier with contrast leather trim and signature print lining. These couture pet carriers can generally accommodate pets up to 15 pounds. They include a top zip closure and an exterior zip pocket, with handheld straps.

Fun patterns, designs, and sayings adorn the bags. Your pet may not be able to read them, but you'll appreciate the cute dog carrier!

What should I know about traveling with pets?

Pet Carrier Basics

Pets are important to many travelers. If you plan to take a pet on an air journey, the first step is to find out the specific pet carrier guidelines for your airline and flight.

When you are buying online, available pet carriers will most likely fit the guidelines for flying, but just double-check because people use animal carriers for everyday use and transport by car, as well. Likewise, if you plan to take your pet in the same carrier you use to go to the vet, investigate whether this meets airline standards for size and comfort.

Always have a backup plan to board your pet or get a sitter during your journey. Airlines can cancel a pet reservation because of unhealthy temperatures, or because there are already too many pets on that flight.

Even if you're not leaving the U.S., there may be quarantine restrictions that apply to your pet, as there are in Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Talk with your vet about required vaccinations and health certificates.

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