What About Liquids?

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What is the latest on security and how does it affect my luggage?

What About Liquids?

You've probably heard horror stories from passengers who had to sacrifice valuable perfumes to airline security guards, or arrived for important presentations without hair spray and deodorant. It's important to verify what is permitted on board at both the beginning and end of your journey. The TSA is the governing authority on luggage rules, not the airline. Rules for checked bags have not changed a great deal in the past couple of years. Carry-on luggage rules have changed, in ways that continue to confuse some passengers. Some examples:

  • A bottle of water, purchased before entering security, even though it was sold to you from the airport's on-site vendor, is not permitted on board the plane.
  • Some airport rules allow you to take the water on board if it is purchased at a restaurant beyond security, while still others require you to finish drinking or discard the item before boarding.
  • Personal care items may be carried on provided they are in containers holding 3 ounces or less. These should be placed in a one-quart clear plastic bag for easy screening -- one bag per person.
  • Prescription medications, baby formula, and milk for infants or toddlers are allowed in greater quantities, but must be declared before boarding.



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