Types of Luggage Handles

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What kind of handles are available on rolling luggage?

Types of Luggage Handles

Most affordable wheeled luggage uses a handle with two extenders that lock into one spot when pulled out. This allows the maker to use very lightweight material for the handle, but it is somewhat inflexible and hard on the shoulder and wrist to pull one of these over a long stretch of airport corridor.

More upscale roller luggage comes with a single-arm handle, which can be locked in more than one position (thus allowing people shorter and taller than average to pull the bag comfortably). An excellent innovation is the rotating handle, which can be tilted into a comfortable position for easier pulling.

Rather than buy a whole new bag, you may want to look at a product called the Travel Tow, which fastens onto the end of a two-arm handle but then twists, allowing you to pull the luggage at a more ergonomic angle.



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